Kai Tak approach with Boeing 757

Around that day I’m thankful that the China southern 757 got its winglets removed and I would love to try it out on the famous (maybe) Kai tak approach around Hong Kong’s old airport (which is now a harbor for ships) I thought I would try it out of Guangzhou since it’s easier for me (not sure if it’s a real route though but it could be from Beijing or anyway China Southern hub other than Guangzhou)


Boeing 757-200

I may try out some VHS Style photos but can’t find the good font of it

Good Morning China

After 15-20 minutes in the air I descending into the right approach passing by Hong Kong’s latest airport VHHH

Another VHS Style post I did

Keeping on the right track

Made it safely


Congrats on making it in 1 piece!

and great photos

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That one is stunning, very well done

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@Ethan_Lee1 yea I did it alright
@Vortex thanks I thought the blacklit didn’t bother me much

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Great photos, such a fun approach too. Well done Captain.

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Nice journey! There’s flight between Guangzhou & HK in real life prior the pandemic 😷 flown by Dragonair & CZ(ages ago).

Just a little reminder, all flights arriving HK from Mainland should be higher than FL135 prior their further descend to VHHH/VHHX (vice versa to mainland) when crossing the border of two airspace, this is a measure to safeguard HK’s air traffic which allows the airport to maximise its capacity while dozens of airport nearby.

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@Skydriver900 yea Kai Tak is an iconic gem

@VR-DOM Alright thanks for the info though


Yep, its a challenging approach. Good job on that one!

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Always loving Kai Tak approach! Really fun
Maybe I will try that in the new 757 in the future.

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