Kai tak approach waypoints

Please can someone give me the approach points for Kai tak I know there’s certain one just can’t remember what ones


That’s from my toturial it should look like this:

Here is a YouTube video: https://youtu.be/Fsyxc-3DCbI

Hey! here´s a pic of the last Event! Take a look! image


Thank you!

Thank you !,

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Also you can refer to my topic for more in-depth info: How to: Kai Tak Tutorial!

Feel free to PM me, for more info on Kai Tak!

@Stellar_G with that FPL you will end up on a big final over the mountains and it’s the wrong procedure, was used when the TFR came out for the first hours and then changed, @RafaelPadilla showed the right one that was used for the event few weeks ago

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Well actually from my research they are two different approaches as stated in my wiki. You are supposed to turn the DME before you enter the mountain.

The other approach, the stonecutters’ approach, is the prefers approach that ATC outlined that day. Either one were interchangeable because this approach was hand-flown.

You can do which ever one you want.

Just note that the “DME 11” waypoint is not checkerboard, you are supposed to turn it before going into the mountain. This was taken from 1999 pilots data released for. Kai Tak. Please note I may be wrong because all info about this is outdated, and Infinite Flight’s waypoints are not exact.

I understand the confusion, using HKM11 is easier and will be better suited for more everyone.

This is incorrect. The Checkerboard is much closer to the runway.

I figured that out when I crashed :(

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Sorry that my confusing waypoint made you crash :(

Just follow what @Davide_DC said you should all be set.

No no not at all! I was doing a challenge where I had to use the first waypoints that were stated aswell as the altitude :) so n just done that approach now n it’s was perfect

Ok good to here that :)

If you need any info about Kai Tak (that is not the checkerboard, because it seems like I was wrong) feel free to PM me.

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Why thank you! Same for you

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