Kai tak Approach tutorial

So I’ve seen people struggling to approach the kai tak approach
So after countless of practice from myself, I’ve made a tutorial for everyone so they can also enjoy the fun of extreme approach

Flight details
Departure: Hong Kong international (new)
Arrival: Hong Kong Kai Tak
Aircraft: American Airlines B777-200ER
Flight time: N/A
Server: Solo

Video: https://youtu.be/nvMmtFIkQ_A

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Nice tutorial. If you or anybody needs free charts for Kai Tak since they are pretty hard to find, here’s a link to them → https://xe.ivao.aero/download/charts/VHHX.pdf


I found a simulator version, but it’s pretty similar

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Great tutorial @Riskie, thank you for sharing.

Love the video! Nice landing :D

I will spend more time making a better version, this one was kinda rushed

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Nice video!! Thanks for sharing…

🛬……🧈 👏🏼

That was a very nice video!! Greatly appreciated it. Thank you!

Great video! Would be so amazing if the developers put the famous checkerboard on the hill

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That would actually be very helpful, coz for now I’m just guessing when to turn

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Thank you! Hope the video was useful :)

Glad that it helps you :)