Kai Tak approach at Saint Marteen

I tried the kai tak approach at Saint Maarten
Landed at runway 28
Very beautiful approach and smooth landing
It’s challenging and fun
For the people waiting for global you should try this
And for the people looking for challenges try this approach with cross wind


Really nice practice before Global comes out ;)

Once Global is out, you can do the real checkerboard approach to there ;)


In real life pilots go through imense simulation


Never thought of this, I’ll give it a try ! I like how you put a checkerboard, like i real Kai Tak approach.


In the second picture. I don’t think those kayakers would want to be so close to the landing plane. Unless the are plane spotters:-)


You will be able to do the real approach but the checkerboard won’t be 3D. If the satellite imaging has picked up the checkerboard in real life it will be most likely on the mountain terrain.


Shouldn’t Kai Tak airport not be even added ? It’s not operative today, they replaced it with a mall


But the runway is still there. It will be added because it was such an unusual airport.


Parts of the runway have been converted into parks while the others have been demolished for the ferry terminal.


Yes they are spotters with their equipment

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Please don’t spread false information if you have no idea.

Airport editors draw airports from satellite imagery. Since Kai Tak has been closed for years, there is literally no imagery anymore making it nearly impossible to draw the airport.

And - Kai Tak is simply closed. What’s the sense of adding it at all?

Back on topic.


In the newest plans, the runway plot will be converted to some flats. Maybe they keep the plot as greenery area for the moment until the demand is enough to build some buildings and flats

I wish I can try this “TNCM’s style” checkerboard approach soon


It is a legendary airport so it should be added even if there are no satellite images of the airport
The developers should add it
It will be one of the most busy airports once global is out
FSX and p3d have sceneries of Kai Tak
The developers can get an idea from that

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Not a mall , but a cruise ship port


Isn’t inside the building a mall ? I’ve been there before.

nah you stop spreading false info
the editors already said that kai tak will be coming with global regardless whether or not it was edited

Continue via PM if you really want to get into the detail. This is not the place to discuss this.

another editor already said that kai tak will be coming tho

I never said it won’t come.
I said that with the sources and instructions we are currently provided with, it is unlikely that a detailed Kai Tak will be available in Global.

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enough demand in Hong Kong? There is ALWAYS demand for apartments and offices in HK, place is full!

Would be nice to fly the approach, but as @BavariaAVIATION has made clear it is unlikely so a reverse landing at TNCM looks like our best chance!