Kai Tak Airport

Hi guys! I really wonder why people prefer flying into Detroit than Kai tak which has a more interesting approach when ATC are available for both airport?

The subscription does include “global”, so they have the choice. I can’t dictate where they fly, you can’t, and no one else can. They can fly wherever they want, whenever they want. Simple as that.


I’m actually 4h out inbound to Kai Tak. Shame really that Kai Tak is empty.

This is their preference, really. As @Thunderbolt explained. It may be because of the amount of routes available in Detroit or maybe because Detroit is a beautiful city. 🤷‍♂️

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I would honestly fly in and out of Detroit because of northwest.

He’s not really forcing anyone to fly to Kai Tak. He’s sharing the sentiments of many.

KDTW is the main hub listed in the IFATC schedule for the day, so it is supposed to be the center of traffic. Additionally, the theme is Northwest Airlines, which was far less prevalent in VHXX than other airlines native to the region.

I see. Thank you.

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Tbh I think some people are afraid of KaiTak and think they will crash or something

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I’m currently doing EHAM- Kai Tak, shooting to land in about 5ish hours (FedEx 251 Heavy). The big attraction to Kai Tak is the checkerboard approach, and since we don’t have the approach and arrivals built into IF yet, people might be worried that IFATC won’t properly vector them for the desired, real-world approach, thus making it kind of a waste of time.

I see what you mean there. I also worried if I would get violated for following the original approach. Anyway thanks for the reply.

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I think you’re fine shooting the original approach to 13, as long as doing so would not cause you to deviate from a command given by IFATC.

The approach into Kai Tak requires lots of skill, especially when landing a 747 or an MD-11. In fact I just landed a Pan Am 742, and saw lots of traffic on ground. I would easily choose an airport like Kai Tak over Detroit. 🙂

Good news, Kai Tak seems to be opened, Ground, Tower, ATIS.

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