Kai Tak airport issue

At Kai Tak airport, I can see the airport aprons and runways through the mountain. Is this my issue, or does everyone have this issue?

I think it’s supposed to happen…

I can see the Shek Kong Airfield through mountains, so it’s fine.

It’s not exactly supposed to happen as such,

However if I remember correctly, it’s to do with the way Infinite Flight layers the scenery and airports (or something of the like, I’m sure Seb can explain it better)

For the time being, you can’t do anything about it as it’s not WiFi or device based, purely a factor of the app itself 😄

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You can’t approach straight in at Kai Tak, that is a GPS approach so the glideslope does not take terrain into account.


“The issue is because we draw airport after everything else regardless of hills and what not; this is to avoid an issue known as z-fighting

We will fix it, not a high priority at the moment (focusing on stability and server issues).”

(Borrowed from Philippe, I cant quote it for some reason.)