Kai Tak Airport glitch

Hello community! Today I was flying from Singapore to Hong Kong. The reason I flew into Kai Tak is because I was flying a DC-10 and when those were flying, Kai Tak was operational. I was on approach runway 31 but had to do a missed approach due to winds. I then went into do a approach into runway 13 (big mistake you’ll see why). Remember this was night time and since my light source is behind me, there was a lot of glare so I couldn’t see properly. Then I realised that something looks wrong so I changed the time to noon for a second just to see if everything is ok. If I hadn’t done that, I would have crashed straight into that hill. The hill was extremely closed to me so I couldn’t do a missed approach and slowly climb. I had to do a terrain escape manoeuver (I think that’s what it’s called) otherwise I would have crashed. But this wasn’t the issue. I thought I was doing a good approach because I could see the airport clearly. Then I realised, I could see the airport through the hill! I think this is a bug so I’m reporting it.

This has been a known issue for a very very long time, and it’s just something that cannot be resolved until further work on the graphics engine has been completed.

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Ahh ok, sorry about that, didn’t know that this was a known problem.

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