Kai Tak Airport Approach

Hi there!
I have a very stupid question!
If I want to get the challenging approach into Kai Tak, do I land on runway 13 or 31?


Runway 13 would be your best bet.

Thank you so much!

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31 is a straight in ILS approach whilst 13 is the tricky and iconic one, go figure.

13 arrivals and departures are much more efficient, safe, and quiet compared to 31 arrivals and departures. Departing planes are louder than arriving ones, and it’s preferred to have planes departing over water rather than buildings. Planes are also more likely to stall after takeoff rather than right before landing. And if a plane overruns a runway it would be better for it to go into water rather than buildings.

To sum it up, runway 13 ops are better than 31 ops.

Have a nice flight!

Land on runway 13 … it’s damn fun …
The turn on final is awesome 😎

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I am happy to report that I landed safely on runway 13.

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