KAI KT-1 Woongbi

Source: http://airshowinfo.hu/en/img/interview/jupiter/cover.jpg

I love this plane. I’ve seen the Jupiter Aerobatic Team at Adisucipto airport (Yogyakarta) last year and they were great!

General Information:
The KAI KT-1 Woongbi (Hangul: KT-1 웅비) is a Korean single-engined turboprop, basic training aircraft. It was jointly developed by KAI and the Agency for Defence Development (ADD). The KT-1 is the first completely indigenous Korean aircraft ever developed.
Development was initiated under the KTX program for the Republic of Korea Air Force in 1988 using the CATIA computer program to completely develop the aircraft, the first of its class. Nine prototypes were built in June 1991 with the first flight of the KT-1 occurring on November 1991 for static and fatigue testing. In 1995, the project was officially named ‘Woongbi’. In 1998 the final test flight was performed. In 1999, a contract was signed for eighty-five aircraft with provisions for an additional twenty between Korea Aerospace Industries and the Republic of Korea. The first KT-1 Woongbi was handed over to the Republic of Korea Air Force in 2000 with the delivery of the eighty-five aircraft being completed in 2002.

The KT-1 can be equipped with either an analog or ‘glass’ cockpit configuration. Both types are employed by the Republic of Korea Air Force. In terms of appearance, the KT-1 is visually reminiscent of the Pilatus PC-9.

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