Kai_Jessat's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ EDDL

Hello everyone,

I’m currently practicing for my IFATC practical exam. Fell free to join me and do some pattern work. Constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated :)

Status: Closed

Where: EDDL

Server: Training Server

@ToasterStroodie @MJP_27 @Bmoney326 @kieran464 @yazen

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I can’t edit it but I suggest using this: A Guide To Creating An ATC Tracking Thread.

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what do u mean? isnt all the info there?

Your title was previously wrong, but no worries about it. @TaipeiGuru has changed it for you :)

oh okay

Can’t join right now. Sorry

no worries, thanks
i tagged you just in case

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Please remember to update your topic title when you close.

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Hi sorry,
Like this?

Yes correct. You may also use [CLOSED] @ N/A unless you will be opening at EDDT as well next time hahaha

I missed your session this time. I will try to stop by the next time you open :)

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I wanna open it later tonight again so I just change the title to open? But then how will anyone see it it’s gonna be so far down

Yes. When you open it will be [OPEN] @ ICAO

When you reply like this, the thread gets bumped up on the IFC again. So when you are open, change the title and post something like this…

EDDT is Open. Runway XX is in use. Feel free to stop by.

Do not bump too much though, just keep opening on a regular basis and people will stop by if they see and they are free :)

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Okay thanks for the info
What do u mean by dont bump too much

Try not to post something every 5-10 minutes just to attract the pilots. That will clog the thread hahaha.

As you open in longer sessions and more regular, the higher chance you will attract the pilots :)
Do note to change your title to closed if you are closed :)


Yep will do, Thanks!

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Hi, G-PMKY here. You showed a really promising start this session but there are some things to bear in mind.

  • What was with all the runway changes? In particular, changing onto 26L and giving right traffic, and vice versa? I would avoid setting up traffic crossing the departure end of other runways wherever possible, or you get into situations like my conflict with Lufthansa 680’s departure.
  • You don’t need to give a pattern entry on every circuit. Aircraft in an established pattern will continue in the same direction for the same runway until instructed otherwise. Just give traffic direction on takeoff or the first clearance for a new runway, then a sequence and clearance each circuit.
  • Don’t be tempted to over-control the pattern with extended downwinds, base turns, speed controls etc. (I seem to find myself saying this a lot lately). If a sequence is sufficient, give it and then trust the pilot. They will space appropriately. This also means you should sequence early so everybody is clear who to follow.
  • Lufthansa 680 called inbound for landing, so they should have had a landing clearance not an option.
  • Use multiple runways to your advantage. For the inbound you had two aircraft in the right-hand pattern for 26R and you gave 26L for Lufthansa 680’s inbound - that was fine and good planning. For some reason you then changed it to 26R as well and had to redo your entire sequence.

I would absolutely keep life simple for yourself by running a right-hand pattern for right runways and a left-hand pattern for left runways. When you’re asked for runway changes you’ll need to break that rule from time to time, but only for the change - then things can go back to normal.


Thank you for the feedback! Yeah youre right, i tried to make it a bit more exciting since it was only three of you so i changed the runways a lot. Especially with the inbound traffic i shouldve used 26L.
Thanks again for the feedback!
have a great day/night

I’ll join in a bit bro!

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