Kahului(OGG) Spotting

Hello! Welcome to my second spotting topic. Enjoy some pictures I took while waiting for my flight home.

Hawaiian 717 to Kona! ( Would much rather be on this flight then mine)

Southwest MAX 8 coming from Phoenix

Alaska 737-800 from Seattle. It was pretty cool to see the 800 as most flights to Hawaii now or on a MAX or the 900.

A Westjet 737 MAX 8 delayed for Vancouver due to a sick crew member. ( This flight was delayed 2 hours in total. They also were offering people a ton to give up their seat due to an overbooked flight. They also said if nobody comes forward there kicking off families which seems kinda messed up in my opinion)

Shockingly an American A321NEO here from Phoenix on time!

Alaska MAX getting ready for San Diego

Finally here is my aircraft back to Portland!


All around saw some really cool aircraft. Even though it is an old airport I still love OGG and it will continue to be one of my favorite airports!

Hope you all enjoyed and have a great day!


Nice shots! Looked like a nice and sunny day (something we don’t get). Hope you enjoyed your flight!

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I did OGG spotting too!
Nice pictures!

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