Kahului Is A Popular Place


One spur of the moment because-there’s-ATC-there, a flight time requirement of either at least 5 hours or no more than 3, and the lack of a 737 MAX in here later, I find myself flying Calgary to Kahului as WestJet 1858 with my third favorite wide body with WestJet. I’ll ultimately climb to 34,000 feet all the while cruising at M0.88. Oh and this was on expert server.

Despite the title, we start a long ways away just west of Calgary as I am climbing out on the start of this 5-6 hour flight to Kahului.

Passing by @SAVRamper who’s leading a train of WestJet b737s
I would get a better shot but the landing gear down on other players aircraft bug was kinda ruining it, so i attempted to hide it but it didn’t really work out

About to leave North America behind

Ok so now this is where the title gets relevant. Half way from the photo above to Kahului, I come across @Ryan_15 (2nd photo up from here) and @Prestoni (above photo) headed to Seattle

The title is still relevant as I overtook an A321 also headed to Kahului (@Mann1164). What’s more is that someone else was 50 minutes give or take behind me with the same callsign, aircraft and departure / destination.

Finally about to land. Also may I mention what a life saver (flight saver?) the resume feature is. My game crashed 40 minutes out from Kahului and the thing allowed me to drop right back in!


Happy Flying!


What a pleasant flight you had! Interesting route, never new that WestJet was flying to Kahului!


It indeed was a pleasant flight except for when i thought i lost it when the game crashed. WestJet flies to all the main Hawaiian islands, mainly out of CYVR with 737s.


First time I ever saw a west jet aircraft was at PHNL back in 2017. Such a clean looking livery, reminds me of mint gum almost


I didn’t know WestJet flew to OGG in a 787!

Added to my route bucket list.

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I was watching you pass me above!

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Love the shots! I love Kahului and Maui!

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