Kahului airport spotting 01APR23 (Not april fools) @PHOG

Hey guys! I went spotting couple minutes ago and caught a lot of planes (for me)

We start off with another IFC member! @Ryan_15 headed for PDX

A Southwest MAX 8 from HNL

Next up came a 787-8 of UAL taking tourists off to chicago, sucks for them 😂

majestic maui pic break

ok back to spotting, they switched runways bc if wind, and when i say this C208 BUTTERED, i mean it

Next, a but rarer for maui but a AA 787-8 off to DFW, usually a 787-9

and the last plane today, a lil hawaiian 712, somehow this lil mad dog was louder than the 787 🫢

after a good session, now im picking up some family friends visiting from the mainland!

bonus pic: beat up cessna 152, idk what happened to it


gotta love the lil Mad Dog


The broken down Cessna 🥹


see know it wasnt that beat up last year, no clue how it got all bent and dented, its tail was bouncing all around tho

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That Cessna looks like it went to war and back…F

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Yeah, looks like it’s a Vietnam war veteran or something lol

Still have no clue what its been through lol

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Can anyone read the beat up Cessna’s registration?

Some nice pictures 🙂!

N94401 is what you’re looking for!

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Welcome to the community!

the chihuahua of planes


my bad wrong thread

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