KAFF winds are gusting strong now

If I’m correct, winds are somewhere around 240-280 at 35ish gusting 43ish.

It’s an absolute challenge to set any aircraft down gently right now.

Give it a try.


I’m going on TS1 in a Dash.

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The winds are strong, my Dash is shaking when I taxi.

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That’s so funny! I was driving along I-25 next to KAFF in real life today and tons of semis were blown over due to the high winds. Thanks Devs for making IF so realistic!


Thanks Devs


Super windy, almost impossible to land. Blew my dash like it was a paper plane. I can’t do it.

Thanks for coming everyone :)

You might of seen me get blown off the runway by the winds :-P.


I wanted to record myself giving it go, but it was too embarrassing… Lol

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Just watched people crash on take off at KCOS at 30kt 50kt gusts, don’t think this would work.

Yes it is really hard to takeoff and landing

I’m going in… with a Cessna!

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