KACV Airport problem.

Hi if you try an select KACV. from the airport selection screen, as soon as you go too start flight. The game will show the load screen for a second and then immediately crash. I’ve read multiple other topics where someone else mentions this problem happening with them also.

Have you checked the support FAQ yet ? I recommend you to read it if you still not have read it.

If there’s another topic, there’s no need for this one.

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Yes I understand the support FAQ. However in the post’s where this is mentioned it’s never the base problem for the topic. And so far doesn’t seem to have been addressed


I’ll climb back in my box and keep a keen eye on this then!

Please include all information about the crash:

Device make/model, OS version, current graphics settings, current situation (airport, aircraft, etc…). A video capture can also expedite our investigation.


ZTE/Z-Max Pro, Android 6.0.1, Rendering Quality Med, Airplane Rendering High, Texture Quality High, Anti Aliasing off, limit frame rate on, airplane count low, (KACV, ERJ-170). Remarks I have tested different Graphics settings to attempt to troubleshoot the problem myself with no success. Also my phone doesn’t support video recording or I would gladly provide video capture.

Did you try recording with Youtube Gaming app? this is the recommended app to capture videos (your phone might have its own “Game Mode” with capture capability as well).

Also, does it happen only at this airport?

Yes only this Airport. And I am attempting to do a video capture for you.

Ok that is a good news then; it is important when you report an issue to indicate if something is easily reproducible; ideally try in both Live (if you have it) and Solo, multiple starting airport and multiple aircraft so you can pinpoint an exact configuration that makes it crash.

There it is .
Me too,
Solo and LIve.
See my post in above thread.

Hello again. I just read the developer: airport editor topic. Now I understand the problem my self and others were having With KACV not loading, is probably because of a developer editing error. And not with IF itself. I will also be pursuing becoming an airport editor developer in the near future. Sorry for the mix-up. …P.S. congrats too what you guys have accomplished with Global. 👏

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