KABQ approach time lapse

1) Background to the photos
Time lapse of an approach session at KABQ on the Expert server.

First order of business was to sort people out SE of the airport.
Then I got into a mode where I had 3 short parallel legs feeding base. Too much effort to support that, so I worked it down to an upwind and downwind leg.
Things went smoothly after that.

3) Photos


ATC Audio be like: Jshjsvdjs iavekfha xhdksvajc. Uszgeksvusjsgdn

Jokes aside, it’s always nice to see what happens behind the scenes of ATC. Thanks for showing us!


ATC be like a fake phone call in a video.


Help, I can’t understand what my IFATC controller is saying…

Nice video, I’d suggest speeding it up more though next time. Cool though.

How did you record that

Looks like you just be an observer, start recording and leave your device out for a long time.

Oh is there a function on iOS for that?

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For recording? I don’t know, I’m a scrict Android user.

Oh… Same. I don’t know of any software to have a timelapse screen recording

I guess you just edit it and speed it up a whole bunch.

IOS has a screen record…

go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls, then tap next to Screen Recording .
I know IMovie and in shot both have features to speed up video.

How do I record these?

  1. Start the IF replay.
  2. Start the ios screen recorder.
  3. 2hrs later when it’s finished, load it into another application that can speed it up. I use Perfect Video because it has a 20x speed up function.
  4. Do whatever editing you need and save it.
  5. upload the sped up video to YouTube
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Nice! This is cool.

@GHamsz he used the Replay Mode most likely.

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