K-2SO SPR2019 Release 2


About The Pictures

All of these pictures were taken on the expert server at various events and were chosen out of a multitude of great shots taken using Infinite Flight, Some were taken before the release of multiplayer replay but most were taken pre-update. I hope you enjoy these shots. All pictures can be found on my Infinite Flight Instagram.


You may notice for a variety of these pictures the background has been blurred out to get the viewer to focus on the details of the object in the forefront. Recently I have been inspired by photography incorporating the Bokeh effect which involves the blurring of the background to bring clarity and focus to the foreground I hope you enjoy these pictures.


Great pics! I think this should be in the Screenshots an Videos Category though. Please change the category.

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It is in the screenshot and videos category. What category did it say it was in?

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I saw it in the #general category before. Maybe was looking at wrong topic.

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No worries! Glad you enjoyed the pictures!

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Really great, some of the best out there. Love the editing techniques.


Thanks if you read the inspiration section it highlights one of my new favorite techniques I used for some of these pictures. Really glad you enjoyed the photos!


When you said you were trying to make it look like bocha, I was a little worried to say the least. But you did fantastic. The 787 eingen is, kinda eh to be honest. Something about the framing and the bocha doesn’t look so great to me, not to mention a bit of the ground is in focus. The 777 wheel is super good, a bit of the ground is in focus, not perfect, but it’s convincing to say the least. And the last two are dare I say nothing short of phenomenal. Really good job, keep it up, I can’t wait to see more…

(Just to note it I mean all of that as constructive criticism, I’m certainly not bashing you’re work, it’s looking great on the whole)

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Thanks I appreciate it, the wheel was a little more difficult since all of the blur was done using my finger lol but I’m glad you liked the last two, I have to say the TBM was my favorite.

On the wheel I wouldn’t say it’s the details, it’s the ground, it”s still infocus, the deatails are great…

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Yeah I need to blur the ground more

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