Jxyd_xn’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello everyone! I am just creating a thread to announce I will be doing a 30-minute ATC session at Bristol Airport, I will be operating ground, tower and approach on the training server.


I am trying to learn to properly ATC, and training, so do take consideration if I am a bit slow at responding times.


You can use any aircraft, but I would like no fighter jets. Keep in mind, Bristol is a small airport, and only has enough capacity for the 737 Family and A320 Family.

Any feedback afterwards would be appreciated!

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My apologies, there will only be ground and tower due to training server rules. :)

Sorry guys! Just realised I have to do something early in the morning so I can’t do it, apologies! Mods you can close this.

Keep it open for when you come back and just update it and comment to put it to the top of the homepage of IFC.