JustPlanes - SAS A340-300 Film

Just yesterday I acquired the SAS A340-300 film from JustPlanes and I gotta say, it’s incredible. It’s a little over 3 hours long and is well worth the watch. Learned so much about how they handle oceanic crossings (and how SAS has an advantage due to being so far north in the world that they can fly above the organized routes meaning they have less restrictions in terms of speed, altitude, and route), briefings, flight instrument explanations, the list goes on.

What I really liked the most about the film was the ATC communication. How they tackle rapid amendments to their flight plan (that’s why they have the secondary flight plan), different ways to fly around turbulent areas, and so forth. Anyway, I won’t get too carried away and spoil it all.

The film itself is $30, but you will have no regrets if you enjoy watching this sort of video. :)

Teaser/trailer video if you want a short sneak peak into what the film contains:

The film itself:


Might buy one any suggestions, could go for this one.

First JustPlanes film I’ve seen, so I can’t give you the best suggestion. What I can say is that I chose this specific film because I fly their SAS A330-300 from EWR-OSL typically every winter and summer to visit family in Norway. :)


Very unique flights on their website, too much to choose from.

Last year, I purchased the Air France A380 film from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Tokyo and it is definitely worth every single penny. The level of depth and the way the operational procedures both on the ground and inflight are presented is quite fascinating.

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Is this the one wherethey had to drop fuel?

What’s full?

Not this one. :)

All of them are really good. I watched the Polar Air Canada 777 and that was stellar. Their YouTube channel has nice clips as well. Can’t really go wrong!

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I love that one! I love how Björn talks about the new cabin, which is so great.

I’ll actually be flying the same route in a few months! IAD-CPH! I’m super excited, and SAS is pretty much the best to take me over the Atlantic.

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