Justin_Betances’ ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Help me get my ATC rating please

Hi there, is this an ATC tacking thread to help you prepare to become IFATC? Is it on the TS?

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Yes I’m trying to get my stats back up after I deleted my old account

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I’ll be there! You can also try to make this an ATC tracking thread so people can understand what this thread is for, and it can get you some more people and feedback. you can find info on how to make one here: A Guide To Creating An ATC Tracking Thread

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feedback from OO-KAY

Pushback + taxi ✅

Takeoff ❌

more information

When an aircraft is requesting clearance on an airport with parralel runways and remaining in the pattern, you should clear them to go the side that doesn’t make them fly over the runway. In this case since the 25’s are on the left of the airport you should have given me “cleared for takeoff, make left traffic”

Landing clearance ❌

more information

You should try and give aircraft a landing clearance on (late) downwind or early base. A pilot shouldn’t advise you on his/her position for a clearance. you also gave me left traffic when I was landing at 24 which should be right traffic.

Runways changes ❌

more information

**If a runway change is issued, a new pattern entry and clearance must be given (the use of sequencing will be dependent on traffic).

I got 2 runway changes, 1 requested and 1 just given, both in the form of cleared to land. You should give a pattern entry “Enter (patern entry) for 24L)” then when the pilot has responded, you give a “cleared for the option 24L” with a pattern direction

Overall, I think you still have some learning to do.
I suggest you keep practicing and please, I beg you, read the Introduction | Infinite Flight. If you’re going to become IFATC you must know so its better for you if you better learn things the right way now then try to change your habits later.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a DM on Discord or on the IFC.
Happy controlling!

btw, in your thread name you should put an [CLOSED]@N/A, you can change these to an airport when you’re opened, that way people can see if you’re activelly controlling or not. an example would be "Justin’s ATC tracking thread [OPENED]@EBBR

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Let me know when you open next!

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Let me know when you open too will be glad to help!

Will do in time

Kpsp is open join for some more controlling on the training server @safiyurrahman1 @MatsVerhoelst @Stork_Lkt

If you are still there I’ll join

Well you have lots of thing to work on for sure!

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Sorry I can’t attend right now. If you’re open after 1730z I can attend!

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Hi. I think you did great. Its my first time doing patterns so i’m not really sure it works.

(experts pls correct me if i’m wrong)

When i was on final for RW 31L and requested to change to RW 31R, you should have given me enter straight in RW 31R instead of enter downwind.

Works the same for the other times when i request for rw change. eg when i am at right downwind for my initial RW31R for touch and go but change to rw31L, it should be enter right downwind rw31L

Im not sure if maintaining …kts till …mile final is needed for pattern.

Thats all i can think of from just now.

Hope to join future sessions!