JustFlyM15 // ATC Tracking Thread // (CLOSED) @ TBD

Hello IFC, I’m on a trip, a trip to become IFATC! Please feel free to come around and do some patterns, use my airspace as for transitions, land here and take off, or even do all at once. And while you’re at it, leave feedback please it’s extremely valuable to me!

Status: Not in Service

@ Airport (ICAO): TBD

Duration: N/A
Controller Name: N.A

Position: TBD


Simplified METAR:

Additional Information:
METAR information on this thread change bi-hourly.


This was very good ATC Justfly! This was fun pattern work! Hope to see you in a next session. Cheers OO-LXV.

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Thank you, I try my best!

@JustflyM15 Remember to change to CLOSE when you are done controlling

Oh I did change the thread to “closed”, I’m actually reopening to control at another airport.

Ok, because in your post the status was saying close. Anyway I will be there in 2 mn. Nasa 1

Alright I"ll see you there!

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▪When I first called inbound, you only cleared me for the option. You disnt give me a pattern entry.
▪When I requested change to L you gave me again only clearence. Remember always give pattern entry!!
▪The clearence after I requested RNW change was :“clear for the option”. You forgott to mention where to enter the patternz(make left or right traffic)
▪Late exit command

Always remember: Pattern entry->sequence->clear

Ok, thanks for the feedback! However, the first, second, and fourth bullet points confuse me. You were coming from the north, and the traffic direction was RWY 23R. Now, what was I supposed to hit if I was supposed to give you a pattern instruction even though you didn’t need to do a traffic pattern since you were headed towards 23R? Also as soon as you turned base, you requested a RWY change to 23L, so in that case, I didn’t need to give you an “enter left base” command as you were already on left base. I thought the exit command, was given after the a/c slows down to 100kts I’m not arguing, I’m just merely confused.

Will be there in 2 min. Lufthansa 873

Great! I’ll see you there

I wasnt heading towards 23R, I was on base. So the pattern entry should have been enter right base 23R. Now, if I was coming towards 23R the pattern entry should have been enter straight in RNW23R. Every single inbound aircraft needs a pattern entry!!

I dont understand. When I requested RNW change I was one base yes. Your responce should have been enter right base 23L

Oh ok, I thought I didn’t need to give you a base command since you were already on base. Ok I’ll keep that in mind

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Ground was good.

  • Please give “Cleard for the Option” when I’m on upwind or crosswind would be nice, but please not on final.
  • Give the “exit runway when able command” when I’m going under 100knts.
  • Don’t forget to sequence or resequence, if there is traffic.

That’s all what I see in the few minutes I had.
Thanks for letting me fly some patterns. I

It is not nesecary to clear you when you are upwind or crosswind. He can also clear you when you are on Crosswind,DW (or even Base).

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Corrected it. Hope now it is better. ☺

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Noted, will keep that in mind

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