Just wondering what I did wrong to improve my flying knowledge

Hi all. What should I have done differently here? I thought if I called tower 25 miles out, between 5000 -8000 feet I would be okay… the second I tuned to tower before I could even call inbound atc asked me to state my intentions. When I called inbound they told me to check atc tutorials 🤷🏼‍♂️


You called inbound on the ILS, which you should only do if there’s a radar controller present who handed you off to tower. Otherwise, simply report inbound for landing.

As for the “say intentions,” how close were you to the airfield when you turned to tower? If you were somewhat close, this may be why. If you get too close to the airfield without communicating with tower, the controller would have sent that to ask what your intentions were.


Oh I see!! That makes sense. I tuned in at exactly 25 miles out but before I could call inbound or anything they asked for my intentions so maybe I was too close


Whenever an ‘approach’ frequency isn’t active, always either select:

Announce Inbound > Landing > Send/Request specific Runway (choose runway)

If you’ve been given the command by an approach controller saying "EC-123, turn right heading 070, maintain 3,000 until established on the localiser, cleared ILS 09R approach". You get handed over to Tower, and report inbound on the ILS 09R :)

Always remember to check ATIS before reporting inbound.


There shouldn’t be anything wrong regarding that on your end, although you can chat with @Moonlit if you’re still confused. As long as you state your intentions soon after coming within 25 nm of tower, you should be fine. :)


Thank you! Will do that from now on 🤙🏼 Very good to know I appreciate the help


Thank you for the helpful info!!

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@TaipeiGuru@Ecoops123 MaxSez:, I don’t see a problem with an ILS inbound call when Approach is inactive and only Tower is manned on Expert. I consider the “State Intentions” “read the Tutes” overkill, and confusing to the Grade 3 PIC’s or even the skilled. (eg: Intentions where cited in the Flight Plan)
When Expert fails to fill at least Tower, Ground an Approach the AIM & the IF ATC Handbook guidance is inapplicable in some cases this is one of those cases… Play it as it lies, save the Expert schoolhouse when at full staffing, IF Adhoc procedures are not learning experiences and not helpful.
(Info: @Spencer_Clark)


I agree with this, usually I just give users a pattern instruction, as long as they have the basic inbound command that the controller needs to know to get them onto the runway. I rarely give them ‘check tutorials’ unless I really believe they need to learn how to use commands, such as announcing inbound during touch and goes, regularly reporting positions…

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Hi there @Spencer_Clark.
Having just watched the replay it seems you had only just tuned in to the frequency when I sent the “send intentions” message. at the time, I had believed that you had been on the frequency for a while, but I see this isn’t the case. Apologies for that. As for the command, I see that the others have informed you of it. it’s indeed quite a minor mistake, but good to keep in mind. Apart from that, your approach and handling of ATC commands seemed flawless, and I applaud the motivation to want to learn more. Hope to see you in the skies soon again!


No worries 😉 Thanks for being cool about it and I will definitely keep that in mind for future flights.

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Here you find the complete tutorial on different approach types and how to report inbound, and much more.

Check out also the table at the very bottom of the tutorial.


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