Just wondering about ATC in the Training server

I was wondering if I was allowed ot create a Discord server to control an airport on the training server for the people who want? Like using vocal chat for ATC commands?

I believe TSATC still exists, which you can try to join.

Do you have any link? I do not find it on discord

Pretty sure voice ATC is not allowed

Ok thank you, hopefully to be added

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Yeah most likely they won’t cause if the privacy policy and data collection laws

But we in IFATC are allowed to use Voice Chat

Voice ATC is not allowed in infinite flight, but voice to communicate between ATC (for example on Tower and Approach) is allowed.

Hello @Mathurin_Garcier!

Here is a topic requesting Voice ATC:

On top of that this has come up a few times and staff have responded saying that it would be super hard to implement this due to some Countries laws.

See my reply here:

This is something more suited for the casual server. People have successfully tried this in the past.

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