Just what was on my mind just now

Good afternoon/night IFC as im waiting on my long haul to finish i was just thinking and thought when vnav is reworked for departure i think it would be really nice to have specific waypoints on it (sorry i don’t know how to add pics on here so very sor for dat) but basically for my guys who fly out of Kmia alot and have checked the charts out u know on rw 8r when heading to the carribean or south America there is a immdiate bank to the right why is dat? Because on the SID it says turn right on 520 so 520 should be a visual marker on are screen so we know is basically what im asking (obviously this applies to every airports specific operations) BTW this is just a suggestion (like always) if someone wants to take this and make there own voting page then they can idc as long as it becomes true someday lol enjoy

Potentially this could be a thing but we’ll just have to wait and see :)

For now its just following the SID by eye as best you can when needed.

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Yea i fly it as realistically as to my ability but still we both agree it would be nice to have a proper visually of it

Oh definitely!

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