Just wanted to share a short story...

I was flying from Dusseldorf EDDL to Dubai OMDB in An A380. I slept the meanwhile but 150NM I woke up made a descend from FL370 to 5000ft.

But then, I fall asleep again… I woke up maybe 10mins later and I saw that I was flying with 310knots under

Long story short result: I got my first 6 violations and now I’m back on grade 1 instead of grade 2 :/

That really su*** cause I never had a violation before so yeah I need to wait 24hours and I should be back on grade 2.

Also after the flight I didn’t got my review about the flight where I see flight time and XP?? But I was recorded in the logbook though.

Have a great day or evening


Wow. Major Oof

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Yeah, that’s such a dumb thing to happen…

Sleep is a devil sometimes when on IF. One time, GAF gave me the callsign “Snoozy” because I crashed a C-17 after passing out at 2AM.


This is why I set my FL to 12,000 feet


Yeah, but you also have to lower your speed before falling back asleep…

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Yeah. I always set my descent to go to 10,100


One time I just messed up the IF Assistant and set my altitude to 4,000 instead of 40,000 for a waypoint, woke up within 100ft of some Canadian mountains… 😂


I would have 0 violations if I never slept during descent but here I am stuck at 17.


What’s with all y’all and sleeping during descent? I’m always wide awake…
But then again, I don’t keep my phone by my bed, probably why


Welcome to Canada, can I interest you in some Maple Syrup, eh?

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Well descent takes 15-20 minutes lol

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Ufff… yeah now sleep is my new enemy when doing long haul flights. Would I have made a flight again to New York that wouldn’t have happened cause I would have got 2hours more of sleep.

Wow lol that’s truly an amazing story 😂👌🏾

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Yeah probably. My phone is on my bed next to me that’s why I can fall asleep that easy and fast;-)

Yep, I was off Expert for a week, but whatever, the world keeps spinning… 🤷🏻‍♂️🌎

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I use my phone when flying 6+ hour flights as a sound device to help me sleep with the white noise in the cockpit tbh lol.

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I would suggest you do what I do: when you start your initial descent, select 11,000 or 12,000 (depending on your direction) and descend to that. Even if you do get distracted, you won’t fall below 10,000 and thus potentially get violations.

If approaching an airport with Approach, I would suggest 19,000 or 20,000 so you are also making sure you do not enter their airspace if not in control of the plane (more of an issue on Expert).

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Alright thanks for these tips ;-) will definitely do that the next flight!

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