Just want to Clarify


I just want to make sure that I can go M.92 in the citation X at Cruise without getting that big ole violation

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You can go as fast as you want at altitude. Obviously you don’t want to over speed but that’s it.

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Also, you don’t want to sim to go as fast as an aircraft can go without a violation. I’d use the actual cruising speeds for each aircraft.

For example, it’s very triggering when someone goes M0.85 and higher in a B737 as opposed to M0.78

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Irl the Citation X cruises at about M.92 when light

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Well then you’re all good 🙂

Adding onto this, if you get some wind gusts, you could very well get pushed over the limit and get violations. Realistic cruise speeds are always safer than pushing the aircraft to its limits

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Well I mean bc IF the cap for airliners is m.89 then you get a violation for going over that I just want to know that the citation X will not get me this

Citations cruise around FL450

I did a flight across the pond in a Citation a few weeks back. I was only comfortable going about M0.84 or so at FL410 because the red tape was already in view. Think I was a little heavy but I wasn’t aware speed limits are linked to weight settings (is this the case?)

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