Just tried approach for the first time at KLAX

I give up. Extremely tough. I had no idea what I was doing. This is how I feel right now. Props to those who do this on expert. No idea how you do it.


Hahaha it’s not that bad:D

But approach on the training server is a handful;) So don’t feel too bad!


That it was. I about had a brain aneurysm


Trying to control approach services on training is an absolute pain, don’t feel too bad.

On expert, the pilots are much more experienced, making our jobs at IFATC a lot easier. Our radar controllers also receive vigorous training to become certified in the field.


How much training must they go through until they’re ready?

For Radar they will actually see how’s your performance with tower and ground(you need to be an IFATC specialist first). If they feel it’s good enough the recruiters may allow you to start your radar training with one of the Trainers and after that the test. There will still be a probation for new officers To see if they are suitable


You know it’s not really that hard all you have to do is follow all ATC instructions and understand them, the hardest part is the landing of course:)

For a pilot, it’s not really that hard. We’re talking about controllers here, who put in an immense amount of effort each session to make sure things go smoothly. :)


Training server is training server, so matter what you do they don’t feel intimidated on doing trolls or just messing up your session

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I find KSFO quite tricky, I’ve done it a few times on Expert :D

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Great post!😂😂😉

Actually, the approach at LAX is fairly easy, here’s how in general I do approaches at FL300 at M0.88😉:

Slowly pull down the throttle and descend to 2000’ with -4000’/min, after that, fly manually with autothrottle, and hope for the smoothest landing!😂😂😉

Don’t forget to reduce speed and eject flaps, at the same time, depending in the aircraft!😉

I hope, these tipps could help you approaching!😉

Happy flying!😉

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Thank you. But I meant I tried approach ATC at LAX lol.

What I seem to struggle with is the heading. Based off their current heading I really have no idea which way the heading is going to ask them to then. I also have no idea what heading to even give them


I suggest you have a look at the ATC Tutorials on the Infinite Flight YouTube. They are very helpful. Also, check out the public ATC manual. They both have sections which are dedicated to approach control, so hopefully, after reading those you’ll feel more educated on the matter. And if you have any questions you can always post them on the forum.

Good luck with your training!

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There is a drag and drop function for to give heading, check the tuts!


I have to say I am not a IFATC member but I think on training is sometimes a lot harder. You have some people that wont listen to you. Landing on the wrong runway etc. Trust me, I know how it feels…

It depends on how good you are. You start with training sessions with only one pilot (probably your trainer). Then you control at airports with terrain. The next step is to control approach with around 4-5 pilots. At last you control with around 5 pilots at airports with terrain (This is how it was in my radar training).
Once the trainer feels comfortable with your skills, you‘ll be allowed to do the test.
For me radar training took around 2 months.

Oh my god! That’s so smart! They have this in real ATC but I didn’t think IF had it.

Oops, sorry!😂😂😂

In that case, the direction you’re giving depends on the magnetic poles: if the direction is to the north magnetic pole, then the heading is 0°, (as 360°), if the direction is to the south magetic pole, the heading is 180°. West is 270° and east is 90°, so you can guess the direction you want to give…😉

Yes, it is, and they have it in IF too!😉

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