Just took off in a 737-800

Airplane Model- Boeing 737-800
Departure- EGLL, London Heathrow
Destination- EHAM, Amsterdam Schiphol
Speed- 245 knots
Turbulence is moderate



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This is a nice picture, and love the Aircraft. Although, as far as I know, the British Airways Boeing 737 only flies inside the South African region, transporting passengers from Cape Town to Johannesburg mostly.

This is Flight BA6404. Information from Flightradar24.com.

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Great picture I always love flying BA!

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Great photo! A little to far away from it’s homeland that 737

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I find it interesting how they only use the 737 in Southern Africa.

Thanks for the info, I’ll use it in my next flight. 👍

It’s actually not a BA-owned 737. It’s operated by Comair to present the BA Brand in South Africa. Unfortunately (at least in my opinion) a lot of IF pilots fly it within Europe, while real BA has an all Airbus shout haul fleet


I am a person who doesnt have OCD, but absolutely loves reality, for example, what really annoys me is an Easyjet at Heathrow… or Southwest which is… yeah. I am flying around the world in every aircraft and airline in IF. I have completed all Airbus and half of the 737 and 787. I recently flew the Comair 737-800 from somewhere beginning with D on the South East side of Africa to Johannesburg, which I am surprised on how good the scenery is there. It’s also quite scary how high the terrain is.


You probably flew from Durban International Airport

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That’s the one. ;)

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I just got the replay here. I overslept slightly on the very short flight I was extremely tired after school.

Community please do not flag this since it is photos of a 737 in a post about taking off in a 737.


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