Just thought I would share.

I am having so much fun with this A-10. I am still learning an adapting. As a veteran, if I ever have to go back to battle, I would absolutely take this beautiful tough and strong aircraft. If I ever was losing the battle, and I needed to run the TBM May be a slightly better option. LOL. Just kidding. That TBM that I like is really fast. But this A-10 replaces my purple pills. The sounds, views, and I am adapting or really going back to normal flying, at flying an aircraft with analog guages. Great Job Infinite flight.
This by chance was also the first time I flew the Alaskan coast, both Infinite Flight and real world. The views are just beautiful and I wanted to share some pictures.


Glad you are enjoying Infinte Flight!


Glad you’re enjoying the A-10! Definitely a dream to fly (except trying to recover from stalls xD)


How come I dont have a yellow thing on mine.

Lol, not exactly a 172, a warrior, or a 757. I’m honest adapting to it. Great fun.

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What yellow thing?

Not sure. Try rotating your camera. If that doesn’t work check back tomorrow. I’m on short final.

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