Just started playing again, why am I back to where I started?

So I cancelled Infinite Flight for a couple months because I couldnt afford it, Ive bow started playing again. Ive been doing ATC alot in TS. I tried flying and I saw Im Grade 1, I checked my stats and my total flying time was 2:08 over 90 days (minimum for grade 2 was 3). Ill be honest Im not too happy with this because I used to do 5 flights a day just so I could get on Grade 3. Now Im back to Grade 1 I have to do it again. Im a big fan of Infinite Flight so its quite dissapointing. Although Im happy to still be able to do my daily London Control! My question is, any advice on how to get back to Grade 2-3 fast? Im excited for 20.2.

I didnt play IF for a while so I lost alot of progress and Im not sure what I can do, any advice since I would like to try out 20.2 on training-expert server

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For landings and XP, I’d recommend just doing pattern work or Touch & Goes at an airport :) As for flight time, if the minimum is 3 and you have 2 hours, just fly a short hop of your choice thats an hour long like SFO-LAX/


Don’t give up. Its a great sim and you will be on expert server in no time. Just like itzblitz said, a short hop and some touch and goes will get you going again. Follow the rules and have fun. So much more to come in the near future!

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Ok thanks!

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Will do thanks!

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Are you on an #open-beta build?

Nope I dont

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