Just some TUI shots

Just some average TUI shots taken at Manchester :)


Amazing 737 🤩

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Love the pictures!

Fantastic pictures

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From Manchester myself and I often go here! Where abouts did you take them?

Hi mate! These were taken from T2 stands

The 787 was taken from t3 car park

Thank you!

Your welcome

I’m unsure on the 737 edit

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This is great! I especially like the 737 one. It looks quite arty… Just a question. Was the 737 an NG or a MAX?

Thank you! It was a MAX. Welcome to IFC!

Like that 737 shot

Thanks a lot! I’ve had the account for a while now just wasn’t bothered to use it! The MAX is a very good looking jetliner…

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Definitely it is! I only miss those roarr- sounds

Ah! I usually go to the airport pub and do plane spotting there.

POV: You’re bout to be Smited

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