Just some shots

Hello… errgg flyers. was gonna say gamers
I haven’t been seeing a lot of screenshots.
Or it’s just my filter. Either way! I hope these shots are great for you to enjoy!

Free fly
Aircraft: 777-3ER, 787, 747-4 (ahh yes the queen of the skies!)
Airlines: KLM orange pride, Eva Air, 787 Boeing livery, and British airways
Airport: KSFO as always.
Time: Randomized
Device: Note20 Ultra

Photos are not a 16:9 ratio due to the wide phone.

Up here!
(hMm KiNdA rEmInDs mE oF sOmEtHiNg… 🤔)

Ok that’s all I hoped y’all enjoyed it.

My phone was about to over heat but I turned it off quickly.


That shot of the rotation really hits different! Im a huge fan!

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bRUHtiSh aiRWaYs?

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I need these numbers in my life! What is this?

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