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Some pictures from a few recent flights. Playing around with the photo editor a little bit as of late. Enjoy!

Some ramp shots in Philly

Checking out Oranjestad in 3d. Looks wonderful @Zachary!

Golden hour in Doha

Ukraine International in Dubai

Tel Aviv, beautiful departure as always

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Put above which photo you thought was best. All feedback and comments are welcome.



Ahh my eyes my eyes too much exposure! c:

Appreciate the feedback!

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One more thing, it seems like you were playing around with each slider, something I do not recommend when editing screenshots. My way of doing it is using contrast, brightness, saturation/vibrancy and warmth. I rarely touch anything else. Of course, that is my style and everybody will do it differently. Just experiment and you will find what you like the most without burning your retinas :))

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