Just Some Questions for Regulars

Hi community,

Been a while since I’ve written something formal, so it’s kind of awkward to start off a topic like this. I just have some questions for you regulars out there on the IFC. So, my first question is what inspired you to pursue being a regular? Sure it comes with and exclusive lounge, but there more to it than that, right? Second question, what role do you think your responsibilities play in this gathering place we call the IFC? Does it sometimes pressure you guys? Regular is something I’m willing to pursue, but, it take a lot of activity. So my final question is, is it all worth it? Months of being on, reading through topics related to the subject we all love, aviation. It’s sounds like s lot of fun, but it also sounds like you guys carry the weight of us members on your shoulders. So yeah, thanks if you made it through this entire thing. Have a wonderful and joyous day or night wherever you may be.



I was a regular a long time ago (like from two years ago up until around March this year), honestly I didn’t know it existed, I just got it. There wasn’t any pressure or anything, i just kept on doing what I was doing before mostly. Yeah, it’s pretty nice. Eventually I lost interest in the community and I lurk around now.

  1. I didn’t pursue being a Regular. It just came to me one day, so I found out more about it and here I am, the helpful individual you see before your screen.

  2. A regular’s role is to contribute, help out, clarify for the newbies and do other things in a positive manner. In short, we cut slack for the Mods. 👍🏻😜

  3. There’s no pressure at all. I do things at my own pace. I just help out when I can 👍🏻

  4. Definitely worth it. The ability to be a leader and help out in the community can put you in a place where more fun awaits. Actions have consequences, but the consequence of helping out and contributing constructively is all worth the work.

  1. I was surprised put when I found a new badge in my little box of surprised to be a regular as I thought I was a long time from it

  2. A regulars role is to help the mods by flagging, moving topics, helping everyone out and just being here to answer questions

  3. The only pressure that comes with being a regular is making sure to say the right thing and not get mad. We see a lot of duplicate post a day because we have been on here for long time but some new people may not know how to search and etc. So it’s about no getting mad at these post but helping.

  4. It is very much worth is escpially when all the regulars come togther to make something that the community can have fun with us cough you’ll see soon cough cough

Hope to see you in the lounge one day😉


Great questions!!

  1. I didn’t peruse it, I really enjoy IFC and being useful and seeing other’s walks of life on here and I am always on here lol

  2. We get the privillage of helping others fix their title, put their post in the right area ect. We’ve also started a slack so we can communicate better and discuss things which is a great idea

  3. My roll is to be a member and helpful still!

  4. Yes I think so, you get a cool knowledge and gain useful information!


Quite honestly, nothing, I was happy just as a member, but when @Trevor_A became one I was particularly jealous, then a few weeks later I got it.

Having access to the lounge and being able to rename/recategorize topics etc, etc, is all very good, but I think the biggest role we have is being the people that everyone looks up to. As for the part about pressuring us, occasionally I get that little niggle that I posted something that’s not right and that I’m setting a bad example, but the mods here are super super friendly (as long as you don’t argue with them) and they will never punish, or even formally warn you unless they absolutely have to.

For me, definently. But it comes with responsibility, which some people don’t want. It really depends on the person, and it’s not really something that you should try to get, just be active, productive, and listen to the mods and you should be fine!


Honestly, I had zero desire to be anymore than a member. I feel just as connected with the community as I am now.

Me personally, I try to be as helpful as possible. I will admit, I do come off a bit harsh at times, but I’m trying to be more of a leader here on the community. Someone that can welcome and help newer users, and old users. Is it pressuring? Not necessarily. We’re not strictly required to do anything, until we don’t meet the system’s requirements. However, trying to meet everyone’s needs and being helpful for them can, at times, be stressful.

Let me put it this way, if you don’t have the time to meet the Regular requirements, don’t worry about it. Sure, you get a nice tag under your name and access to the Lounge, more likes per day and more votes, but that’s about it. During a brief period where I lost my regular stats, I didn’t falter in my productivity and helpfulness (I think). This shows that you don’t have to be a regular to be like a regular. We’re just different because we’re on here 22/7. So, to answer your question, it depends on what you want it for. If you want it for the extra goodies, then yeah, it’s worth it. But if you just want to be a helpful person, stay right where you are.

I hope this was informative and helpful. Have a good day!


Question Time?

Well to be honest, I was never really expecting to become regular. It came as a surprise actually! I was thrilled to reach it though!

I guess you will find out when you reach the rank of Regular!

Us Regulars play a very unique role in this community. We try to help anywhere that is needed. I personally love to help brand new members and welcome them to this great community! I also enjoy helping out with Virtual Airline stuff. It definitely brings a lot of pressure. But after a little bit it kind of wears off because you are now accustomed to your role and you know what you need to do! If I am ever stressed, I just listen to Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie @Cbro4’s favorite PM from me haha

Most definitely YES! Just to think you are in the 2% that are Regulars on IFC is quite amazing! So many look up to you and sometimes even rely on you for information. It just gives me a good feeling! Also I am able to create a even closer relationship with the moderators and staff on IFC. It is a honor and also a lot of fun. It is really something special.

I hope I answered all your questions! Feel free to PM me if you have any more questions! Thanks for asking these amazing questions!


Sush Trevor! It’s called what it is for a reason! 😂


Minor details released only


Never went for it, I just got it to help out with the VARB

Flagging, being a role model basically

Honestly it’s a no for me, if I’m here for anything other than make friends and have a good time I will just quit

Honestly you don’t really have to pursue, keep doing what you’re doing and sooner or later you will earn it

Sure, if helping people makes you happy too

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I mean I never pursued it, but I think myself like 90% of the people here, had had it in the back of my mind as a goal, not a destination if that makes any sense? So heack ya, go peruse it, but definitely don’t do it for the title, and the secret place, and editing titles, because those will not only probably not be worth your time solely for them, but more importantly because byond that, becuais there is lots of responsibilities, editing titles for example, seems great, but it’s certainly not something to go have fun with. The mods can only do so much, and we’re the first ones in on many topics. You have to know what you’re doing around here, and around aviation in general. So sure, go for it, but definitely don’t take it lightly…

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Well said haha. Tell me again why I need a picture for the IFVARB Database haha?


I saw a lot of them on the forum, and thought it would be cool to help like they do.

Definitely. ;)

I think my role plays an important part in making people feel welcome and supported.

Mostly not. If I make a mistake though, I feel like the whole forum notices even though they mostly don’t.

Absolutely. There is not a day I regret my passion for this community or aviation in general.


I have a question then for a regular to answer. After helping out a lot in the community ect… is it the Bot (computer) that classifies you as a regular or is it a moderator? An answer would be much appreciated.

A moderator has the power to promote/demote you depending on how you’re doing but the basics are done by the bot(Correct me if I’m wrong)


I believe Seb has put it this way (or similarly) before;

There are certain undisclosed requirements that the system requires to promote you to Regular, however many manual adjustments are made.


I’m not regular anymore due to stupid behaviour

When is global coming - Where is the A330 rework >:(

But honesty, it doesn’t ask something more that going through the community and being civilized.

I discovered that I was regular the day @Adrien showed me where he got his badge (somewhere in the profile setting, not in a special place lol).

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Due to a recent change in requirements I lost my regular status, but I really am trying to get it back. I feel like it’s hard getting my regular back because I don’t want to post useless things and clutter the forum, but that’s my problem. Being a regular has it’s perks and all but I feel like it’s more of a tag to show that you’re here to help. I also feel like it’s a good guidance tool to new users, “this person is a regular, maybe I should ask them.”

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Thanks for all th replies. Now I have a general feel about what the position holds.