Just some guy pointing a camera at planes @PHNL pt. 1

Had a little time before boarding for my flight back home to LA yesterday, so I thought I’d take a walk and try to get some shots. Unfortunately, none of the aircraft I saw were very good - there was an Alaskan Airlines 737 with an Honoring Those Who Serve livery, but I didn’t catch it in time unfortunately.
Note: as I’ve said in a past topic, none of these pictures are very good - I’m just a random kid with an iPhone XR, not a professional photographer or an actual planespotter. A lot of these are sort of blurry, please take it easy with your criticism :)
Starting off with my ride over to KLAX today, a United Boeing 777-300ER that hasn’t been blessed with their Evo Blue livery yet ;)

This 777-200ER, though, has, and is pulling into the gate after a long flight from somewhere.

There’s certainly no shortage of United 777s today, this one was heading off to Guam if I remember correctly.

And over there, you can see one shy Southwest 737 Max trying to hide from the camera behind a Jetbride :)

And if you zoom in your eyes a bit, you can see an Alaskan 737NG by the cargo apron taxiing to somewhere.

I seem to be developing a forced love for United - one of their 757-300s parked at a remote stand.
Seen from the airplane window are some American boys, probably enjoying some big macs and twinkies.

Ayo, is that a C-5? Taxiing past the military part of PHNL…

Going back to the terminal, we can see a Hawaiian A330, probably being extremely annoyed by the presence of that Southwest 737.

Random bonus pic

Including this because I thought it was interesting - PHNL already has the 777-9 printed on the where to put the aircraft nose guide thingy, even though certification is years away. If anyone has an explanation, please let me know ;)

Thanks for stopping by my topic today! Forgot to include this in the last one:
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Part two coming soon, maybe


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