Just some A350 action in South America

One month ago i flew to my homeland with the marvelous A350. This flight is quite special because of the views you can spot, since you fly through the Caribbean, the start of Cordillera de los Andes in Colombia until the desert zone of Peru until you finally arrive into Santiago. That’s quite a route to fly. Hope you enjoy the views and what this side of the world can offer to us

Flight Info:

•Server: Expert
•Route: KMIA to SCEL
•Aircraft: Airbus A350-900
•Livery: Latam
•Altitude: FL310 - FL340 - FL360 - FL380
•Speed: Mach 0,87
•Fligh Time: Around 10:30 hours


departing out from Miami with a lufthansa A380 on the background (waiting Miami to be 3D :)

reaching cuban territory

flying over western Colombia

the very start of Cordillera de los Andes

crossing Peruvian lands

final approach at SCEL

buttering the landing in a real life plane spotting zone

parking with the Cordillera on the background

parked with some LATAM action

final shot of the taxiways full of departing aircrafts

See you soon, my next post will be LFPG to WSSS ;)


Beautiful!!! This is a real route right? I thought they retired their A359

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They did

It’s operated with the 787 in real life

Really nice shots btw @santis_julian


Ah cool, Thanks :D

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Thank you :D, and i really miss the a359 from doing this routes:(

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Sad seeing such new aircraft being retired that soon