Just Sayin!

2015-05-30 14:32:32 Just Sayin; Here we go again. Out of the Springs for Dago in my trusty Caravan. Super ATC Service all the way VFR to the NW of Dago at 70 mile from the coast hand off to Approach from Center. I turn in W for the coast at 50 miles FL50 @ 175k. Approch vectors me to KSAN with a hand off at 25 miles for a VFR approach to 27. KSAN is loaded up as usual with a long line up on the taxiways, and a whole lot of Heavies inbound for 27 both VFR & ILS. After a hand off I call inbound at 20 miles and am placed number 3 in a line up of 6 heavies, a mix of 777 & 747’s. I fly this approach by the POH for the C-208 and the VFR approach plate for 27. Initially I’m at 150 k at 9 miles. I Tiptoe down in the marked red zone, trying to hit final at 100k & 700’AGL at this Class B. As expected the interval in the line up contracts as we motor on down. The heavies are hitting 150k+ and I’m slowing down, if I hit the threshold above 110k I’m long, standing on the brakes in full reverse just to catch the second exit or get run over. Tower see the problem at 7 mile and starts calls for slowdowns and go arounds. The Heavies in the pack are either unable or ignore the tower and go for it! I recognize the jeopardy we’re all in go wide and do a short field recovery on the overrun, make for the shoulder and the threshold exit. The heavies following clear the threshold and roll out yards apart with a 747 pulling onto the keys as they pass right at me without permission. Tower must have had a shift change during this cycle, because as I recall in the frenzy it went to Unicom and came back on air as I parked. Another lesson learned, PIC’s must consider safety of flight and disregard instructions when Safty dictates. I should have Call “Going Around” when I recognized the speed differentials in the line up I was in. Towers should also extend the interval when GA aircraft get mixed in with heavies. That immediate “do a 360” or go to a “Holding Point” and restate the approach usually solves this dilemma for most PIC’s. For the commercial guys time is money. For GA it’s just an inconvenient! In IF there is never an FAA inquiry or violation in your book. (see Aviation Safety Network on the Web). Fly smart, Fly Safe, play it for real, Max Sends


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Thanks Junk… Agree with you. No rage intended. Just observation. Intend to call them the way I see them. Understand Live ATC Playgrounds purpose great learning experience for all concerned. The ATC Voluntiers will come along and we’ll all benefit. Presently don’t fly the Big boy server since I got ghosted for driving on the grass plus last time I looked only Class “B’s” where serviced. I stick with GA craft see no challenge point to point in a trash hauler and relish short field go’s in the out back as I wonder. . Regards, Max Sends.