Just saw this ANA special livery

Photo credit to JetPhotos and NRT Spotter(https://twitter.com/jetphotos/status/957318036062658560)

What do you think of it?

  • Love it
  • It’s cool
  • Hate it
  • _emphasized text_Meh
  • I don’t care

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Did this your photo?

No it’s from JetPhotos copyright NRT Spotter. (On the bottom)

Please give out credits to the person who took the photo or at least post a link crediting the photographer. Thanks.

ANA usually has some really nice special liveries. (most known one is the star wars I think)

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those are some really awesome liveries: R2D2 livery is the best hahah I hope i can catch one

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What is the reason behind this livery? All I see is Tokyo 2020?

EDIT: realized it is for the 2020 Olympic games

It is credited on the bottom of the photo!

Olympic games ;) I guess national carrier would do a livery for something special like this hahah

Yah lol, I looked after my comment and saw the olympics were in 2020 in Tokyo

He changed it. Check edit history

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