Just saw a small plane crash near me

I was leaving the store and noticed multiple fireballs in the sky and hit the ground. Come to find out it was a plane crash. The crash happened about a mile from where i was at. According to the news the pilot Ejected (not really sure how in a small aircrat) No word on if anyone was in the house it hit. Here is the link.

UPDATE: I guess it was a skydive plane carrying divers for a constitution fair in downtown when it exploded. Which explains how pilot was able to escape.


Ah, so your the person with the username I wanted ;) That’s kinda scary to see a fireball in the sky. I would run for my life if I saw that 😂


I had no idea what it was. It actually looked farther away and much larger. At first i thought it was space debris burning up but it was one part after another and then it hit the ground.

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Hope everyone’s ok.

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