Just renewed

I’ve just renewed my subscription for another year, the journey continues. I can’t wait to see we’re IF goes in the next year. Keep the good job going devs. Please, please rework the A380. Thanks.


Glad to see that you’re sticking with Infinite Flight for another year.

You can vote for the rework for the A380 in the feature request linked below, if you haven’t done so already:

Looking forward to seeing you around for another year. Happy flying!


Atm it seems that the Embraer jets are in the lead in terms of votes atm

Just because one topic has more votes doesn’t always mean that it will be reworked next ;)

true true, but i do think that the embraer jets should be reworked next, cause its one of the oldest aircraft types on IF and has barely any liveries when in real life there are heaps and heaps of them!

Yay yet another small plane being reworked. 747 needs it more.

The last 6 planes to be reworked were large planes and the A330 rework will make it 7. We have had to many large plane reworks over the last 2 years worth of updates. The E-Jets are very old and in dire need of a rework. This is getting off topic though I’m sure the mini-mods will start flagging so if you want to continue this discussion further let’s take it to PM.

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