Just renewed pro lost acount statics

hey i recently had issues with my pro account and i tried to renew my subscription using a gift card and it seems like i lost my acount and statistics, any tips? ive spent the last few months being ill and infinte flight has been my only respite, ive got 200 hours in the last 90 days and 185 total landings

Hey there!

It seems like your subscription has been activated on a blank account. This is nothing to worry about, as the accounts can be merged by Schyllberg. You may continue in this thread, if you wish, or you may email support@infiniteflight.com to have the issue resolved. You’ll need to state your last known callsign on your old account (the one with the correct stats), and the callsign on your currently active account, regardless of which option you go for.

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thank you for this my heart sank when i realised my stats were gone but this has help me thank you, my old call sign was G-HASS SUPER and my new one is NN91863Q, i thought my old call sign was quite good, but yh,

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