Just Reached TL2

So I just reached TL2 today and i’m very proud and happy. I’m very excited with ideas raining in on me as I have more and bigger privileges. Thank you everyone for replying and liking my (funny) posts!

To all TL1 still contemplating why they aren’t TL2 yet, I tell you it’s possible and very likely if you keep posting, replying, and liking other people, and being a good inspiration to others. Don’t give up!

Thank you everyone! Peace out.


Hi mate. Congrats. I also turned TL2 maybe 2 weeks ago. Congrats. Now you have more access to the community than before!!!

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Btw lol I forgot to do the KAL A332/3. I just got my new printer so enjoy it ones it comes

Thanks, will be thinking about it!

Congratulations! 🎉