Just reached grade 5, what now?

I just reached grade 5, currently organising my “celebration flight” but… What’s next? I have no objective in infinite flight… ( I’m sorry if this topic is pointless)


Yes this topic is pointless but I will say congratulations! 👏🏻


Well you can be a IFATC :)

Make your landings look beautiful, or just have fun! Congrats

When is your celebration flight I want to fly with you (if I can)

Just wait for global enjoy Grade 5 travel around the world with different airlines and planes :) Enjoy the scenery.

This is one reason why I have not pushed above Grade 3. I can access the Expert Server and that’s fine. IF is not a game to get points in


Assign me a gate at your celebration flight

Asap, southern California, training server 1, American airlines 787-9 I am currently making the flight plan, will be back in the next couple of minutes

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Push it like 20 mins so I can gi on break at work lol

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Wait to become grade 5 pilot in global, compete your flight time, landings and XP with another pilots. Also, be an example for beginners and experts. Congrats and Happy landing !

Nothing like a celebration event at SoCal on TS1… lol!


We will depart from Los Angeles (I will align you a gate) and our destination airport is San Diego BUT I am hoping " to touch and go " at 6 airports

Congrats. :)

You can continue in your upcoming event topic.