Just reached Grade 3

I am so excited and thrilled to fly with my new grade !! Can you guys help me with some best routes to fly on IF with A350 / B777-300ER ? Thanks in advance… 😇


Congrats and happy flying :) !!

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Congrats @AvioBird777350!

To answer you second question here are two route databases made on the IFC which has alot of different routes for a specific aircraft and liveries!

The A359 Route Database

The Boeing B777-300ER Route Database

Happy Flying!

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Hope these topics help

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Congratulations for making it this far. I am sure you are excited to fly into an Expert Server.

Before you get started though, enjoy this funky yet reminder post on what to do and what not to do in the Expert Server.

Also, the User Guide is useful for you to review how to communicate with ATC.

Have fun and enjoy the Expert Server :)

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This is the most useful piece of information I was searching for !! Thanks a lot for help…will be vigilant on every step I make !! ✈️❤️ Happy flying

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Thanks a lot for these…I will fly all of them ❤️✈️

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✈️❤️ thanks a lot buddy pilot… 👨‍✈️

I will fly all of them…❤️✈️ !! Thanks a lot 👨‍✈️

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