Just Racking Up Landings in LAX

1) Was Doing crazy pattern flights at LAX in Casual Server when an F-22 guy came along… 😂

Server: Casual
Airport: KLAX (Los Angeles Intl)
Flight Time: About 16 minutes


Tell Me which is your favorite!

  • Pic 1
  • Pic 2
  • Pic 3
  • Pic 4
  • Pic 5
  • Pic 6
  • All of Them

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The third pic to me looks like a plane cartoon show poster


Yeah I looks like a poster to an air show or something.

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Lol thanks

Your welcome.

I try and fly in unison with some planes. Mostly at KLAX on a F14.

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Not bad. Like the angles and views!

Thanks so much!