Just one question about your opinion

Do you guys miss at least one 737 without Winglet on Infinite flight? I just wanted to say that I miss it extremely, because it doesn’t have any, it would be interesting for the developers to give a little attention for this,there are several topics in the resource category that could be considered, as we have a total of 0 aircraft of this type…

do you miss the 737 without Winglets?
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  • No

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Hi mate,
If you want a b737 without winglets in-game, I suggest you create a feature request and/or vote on current requests. Making a thread in #general isn’t going to change anything in-app.

dude, it’s not a request, i’m literally just asking your opinion, as i said there are numerous requests, so even if i created one in feature it wouldn’t change anything

I believe that what @Chris_Hoss is trying to get at here is that it doesn’t matter if it’s not a feature request, it is still showing support for a feature in another topic - which is simply redundant. Rather, you can show support, vote, or bring attention to it in the given topic.

This might not be a feature request, however it is still showing support for something that already has a specific designation on this forum.

Consider the options, and also check to see if there is a thread that already exists for this specific content before you create a topic. :)

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