Just now on Advanced at EHAM

Just now on the Advanced Server at EHAM!
“Taxi to 18R!”
I forgot the controller’s name.
18R is NEVER used for taking off.
There are no taxiways leading there!
It was a mess!

Flew the Eindhoven (EHEH) and was cleared for landing on runway 03 by Augustin.
When I was on short final there was another aircraft ligned up for take off!!

Come on people!

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Maybe You should go back to the same airport and get the controllers name before we move any further

You can’t expect everyone to know real world procedures for every airport. Your always more then welcome to request taxi to a specific runway. As far as the person on the runway did you have to go around?


He’s right though - you can’t even taxi to 18R. @Jan_Polet let’s chat! I’ll send you a DM.


Take off at the Polderbaan 18R😂

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Just looked at the taxi diagram that is a long back taxi my bad sorry @Jan_Polet

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I think I cleared the other aircraft, but since I was flying a 747 I might have flattened it! ;) I did my best to climb a bit and land further down the runway.

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@Jan_Polet I have sent you dm about that (I was on tower)

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Being handled, no more discussion needed.