Just need a little help

Ok so i downloaded IF connect using the windows thing right, all that’s their is a file i open the file and i get a bunch of like flight plan data base and application stuff, i scroll down till i see a IF application i click on it and a warning pops up telling me to run it i run it anyway and nothing happens. To put a VERY long story short i cant open my IF connect and idk why help.

So what you’re saying is that you can’t run Liveflight connect app on your windows PC?

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basically yea

What is your goal of what you are trying to do with live flight connect?

Have you tried both launching the LiveFlight Connect.exe in app.publish and in the Release folder?

Also - it looks like you’re trying to run the .exe from a zip file. Have you extracted the download first?

no i have not let me give it a shot

on the exe i got a config and a manifest file do i click on it or no

After extracting the download, you run LiveFlight Connect.exe - the one without any further extensions. It should have the LiveFlight logo as the icon.

i did it it shows the icon

Okay… double click on that and LiveFlight Connect should start. You may get a Windows popup saying it’s a virus, it’s not, you can safely ignore it.

nothings happening i clicked on it

this is what i see

It looks like you haven’t extracted the contents of the folder.

Create a new folder on your desktop. Then right click on the folder that contains all of these files, it’s called LFC-1.3.1 (3), then click on “Extract All” and select the new folder you’ve created when asked where you want to extract the files. Run LiveFlight Connect.exe from the new folder and it’s should be working.

if i do this alright then i should see the IF connect icon when i go to the new file right

it didn’t work