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If im crusing and i fly over for example ATL center do i check in so the controller kno im in his airspace ? If so after he/she responds wit radar contact is everything good and convo stops there right?

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Yes “Check In” is correct.

  • 6.6.2

Aircraft contacting Center in the climb after departure, or after being handed over from a Departure Controller will usually utilize the ‘check in’ function. The Flight Following service (or previous service if different) will just continue (see 6.4.4 above) . Aircraft can however, still be vectored or issued altitude assignments if required (see 6.5.2 above). Controllers must issue ‘Continue as Filed’ when vectors are no longer required.


I don’t think you have to do that as long as you’re “inactive” if you’re only flying through.

So checkin is only needed? or after would i have to say flight following to XX airport ?

Sorry jus a lil confused on the flight follwing part in the manual u presented…

In addition to what these two community members stated above. Feel free to check out the User Guide for yourself and read up on ATC–>Pilot conversations with the FIR/Center Frequency from a controllers standpoint. Knowing what the controller should do will make it easier for you to know what you need to do as a pilot to establish correct ATC procedures and uphold standard conversations

Controller side:

Pilot side:

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Ok thank u n have a gn :)

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Let me know if you have any further questions. This is what this community forum was built for! :)

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