Just made Grade 5

It’s been fun! With only 5 violations to date. 0 reports.
Anyone want to start practicing serious formation flying
With me in the west USA area? Don’t be shy inbox me and let’s go over the specifics. Thanks you Infinite Flight developers and the community wouldn’t have done this with out you guys.


Congratulations, have fun maintaining it! :)

Congrats! I just hit Grade 5 yesterday. It’s definitely an accomplishment.


Congrats on Grade 5! Keep up the good effort!

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Congrats mate

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All the hard work pays off! Great job! Enjoy the gold callsign! Congratulations! 🎊


After a lot of pattern work, and long flights, I have finally made Grade 5! This has been a goal for a couple of months and excited to have finally achieved it. I will definitely keep up the learning as I still learn something new everyday on IFC. Happy Flying!



Thanks a lot cheers 😁

That’s the tricky part 😂😂😂 will do my best

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Very well done Anthony ! You reached it exactly like i did, i like the ratio of XP/ Flight Time and Online flights/ landings… if you continue like this we will match one day :)

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Good job! I made Grade 5 like 5 months ago? Flying infinite flight nearly 4 years From a new guy nothing know about anything,in toward now.I have experienced a lot and learned a lot.

See you in the sky!

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Wow, nice stats mate. Infinite Flight really has come a long way from being restricted to the KSFO area to the world now, amazing. Looking forward to seeing you in the skies some where or we could plan a departure and arrival somewhere soon

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Thanks a lot. I fly infinite flight as realistically possible, in the coming months probably I will be able to have stats like you big boys 😂 safe flying

This is really amazing, you really put a lot of effort into this. It’s true you do learn something new everyday, infinite flight is so good you can read something in the real world about flying and simulate the situation on the app and post similar results. Good to see other people who are enthusiastic about this hobby we love.

Congrats and always happy landings ✈️


I ought to be a Grade 5 in the next week or so. I just need 20 more landings.

It’s taken long enough for us, but looked at as a great accomplishment.

Congratulations, Airman.

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Want to congratulate you! I could never dream of becoming grade 5!


Congrats 👏👍I would never make it to grade 5. Too much flying.

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